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    • Muskogee project

      Muskogee, OK

      TCG, in cooperation with White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group, finalized the development for the former Love Field (airport) site in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The Muskogee project site is situated near the area’s two major visitor attractions – the Muskogee Creek Nation’s Casino and The Castle. The multi-hundred acre area contains a waterpark, some additional recreation activity, and sports fields at present.…

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    • Adams County project

      Adams County, PA

      TCG with TischlerBise prepared a market assessment and development strategy for Adams County, Pennsylvania. The focus was on expanding economic activity, including technology-driven manufacturing and utilizing the areas natural, cultural and agricultural, including those that now and in the future may attract tourists. One focus of the Adams County project was on “value added” to increase ag activity revenues through agri-tourism as well as research; while another focus was on increasing the use of technology in the “fruit belt” area of the County……

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    • Kingston

      Kingston, NY

      TCG is involved with community development activities in Kingston, New York. TCG is helping to guide the City in its efforts to move from a CDBG target area approach to a revitalization plan approach, expand non-public sector revenue opportunities, prepare the Consolidated Plan, mitigate issues with past performance and provide other technical assistance.…

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